TRIKAAL ( Chlorpyriphos 50% + Cypermethrin 5% EC)


Technical Name – Chlorpyriphos 50% + Cypermethrin 5% EC

Features :- Trikaal is a broad spectrum insecticide that controls various populations of insects and at the same time has dual knock down and fumigant action.

Packing :- 1 Ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml, 50ml

SUMO ( Imidachloprid 30.5% SC)


Technical Name – Imidachloprid 30.5% SC

Features :- Sumo is a revolutionary broad spectrum Insecticide having both systemic and contact action. It has quick knock-down effects and is compatible eith other insecticide, fungicides and acaricide.

Packing :- 1 ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml, 50 ml

PANTHER - 25 ( Cypermethrin 25% EC )


Technical Name – Cypermethrin 25% EC

Features :- Panther-25 is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. It is effective against insects, which have become resistant to conventional pesticides. It also Control a large number of harmful insects especially of Hemiptera and coleopteran and is compatible with conventional pesticide and fungicide.

Packing :- 1 ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml

BRIGADE-4G ( Cartap Hyderchlorate 4% GR )


Technical Name – Cartap Hyderchlorate 4% GR

Features :- Brigade-4g uses a multiple approaches to fight against pesticide including contact, stomach and systemic, and attacks on the central vervous syste. Brigade-4G is suited for pest that target paddy. It pritects paddy from pests such as stem borer, leaf roller, whorl maggot, white tip nematode and skipper.

Packing :- 1 Kg Bag & Drum, 5 Kg. Bag & Drum

DECAVOS ( Dichlorvos 76% EC )


Technical Name – Dichlorvos 76% EC(DDVP)

Features :- Decavos is a well recognized stomach poisoning product is widely used for the control of files and mosquitoes in animal husbandry and poultry rearing.

Packing :- 1 Ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml,

DAZZEL-20 ( Chlorpyriphos 20% EC )


Technical Name – Chlorpyriphos 20% EC

Features :- Zazzel-20 is a non systemic broad spectrum organophoshotous insecticide with contact stomach and respiratory action. It controls Coleoptera, Diptera, Homoptera and Lepidoptera in soil and on folloage in over large number of crops including rice, cotton, oilseeds, pulses, vegetables and plantation. It has three way action contact, stomach and vapour action.

Packing :- 1 Ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml

VITALUX ( Quinalphos 25%EC )


Technical Name – Quinalphos 25% EC

Features :- Vitalux Broad spectrum insecticide which effectively control caterpillars on fruit trees, cotton, vegetable and peanuts, scale insect on fruit trees and pest complex on rice. Vitalux also controls aphids, bollworms, borers, leafhoppers, mites, thrips, etc. on vines, ornamentals, potatoes, soya beans, tea, coffee, cocoa, and other crops.

Packing :- 1 Ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100ml

GURU ( Profenophos 40% + Cypermethrin 4% EC )


Technical Name – Profenophos 40% + Cypermethrin 4% EC

Features :– Guru is broad spectrum insecticide having combination of Profenophos + Cypermethrin and very active to control bollworms complex to cotton by contact and swallowing by bollworms.

Packing :- 1 L, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml

FAST ( Alphamethrin 10% EC )


Technical Name – Alphacypermethrin 10% EC

Features :– Fast is a Systemic insecticide containing Alphacypermethrin active ingredient. It is highly active insecticide to control boll worms if cotton.

Packing :- 1 ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml 100 ml

LAMBA ( Lambdacyhalothrin 5.0% EC )


Technical Name – Lambdacyhalothrin 5.0% EC

Features :- Lamba is a lambdacyhacyhalothrin 5.0% which is a contact and systemic insecticide to control bollworms, jassid and thrips on Cotton.

Packing :- 1 Ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml

DECACID (Fenvalerate 0.4% Dust )


Technical Name – Fenvalerate 0.4% Dust

Features :- Decacid is a contact stomach and inhalation dusting powder of Fenvalerate Insecticides and used to control insects on paddy, soya beans, green and black gram, French beans, cotton, mustered and ground nut.

Packing :– 25 Kg, 10 Kg, 5 Kg, 1 Kg, 500 gm.

DECACID-50 ( Methyl Parathion 50% EC )


Technical Name – Methyl Parathion 50% EC

Features :- Decacid-50 is a organophosphorus compound with stomach and contact action.

Controls :- Stem borer and other sucking pests. Show rapid knock down action .

Packing :– 1 Ltr, 500 ml

JRPL BPMC ( fenobucarb 50% EC )


Technical Name – BPMC (fenobucarb) 50% EC

Features :- JRPL-BPMC is a broad spectrum contact and stomach action insecticide, control sucking insects in paddy fields, cotton, tea, oilseeds timber, cereals, oilseeds, top fruits, vegetables, Tea, oilseeds and other crops for Brown Plant Hopper, Green Plant Hopper.

Packing :– 1 Ltr, 500 ml, 250ml

ACTIVE ( Acetamiprid 20% SP )


Technical Name – Acetamiprid 20% SP

Features :- Active is a broad-spectrum, high-effective, safety, insecticide with good contact and stomach poisoning to pests, Systemic insecticide with Tranalaminar activity and with contact and stomach action.

Packing :- 500 gm, 250 gm, 100 gm, 50 gm

PERFECT ( Malathion 50%EC )


Technical Name – Malathion 50% EC

Features :- Perfect is a Non Systemic insecticide, acaricide with contact, stomach & respiratory action on crops, stored pests. It is an emulsifiable concenterate bassed on Malathion Tech. That controls household and public health insects/pests viz, Files, Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, bedbugs, ants etc and stored grain pests in warehouses, stores, files, midges, in animal house, scairid and phorid files in Mushrooms, etc, sucking and chewing insects and spider & mites in a wide range of crops, including fruits, vines, vegetables, omamentals, tea, rice, cotton, hops, and glass house crops.

Packing :- 1 Ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml

CHUNAUTI ( Buprofezin 25% SC )


Technical Name – Buprofezin 25% SC

Features :- Chunoti is a board spectrum of Thiadiazine groups. Systemic and contact insecticide. It control Brown plant hopper, Green plant hopper, white backed plant hopper and other hoppers in paddy fields, It controls sucking insects like thrips jassid, white fly in various crops.

Packing :- 1 Ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml

SHAKAAL ( Triazophos 35% + Deltamethrin 1% EC )


Technical Name – Triazophos 35% + Deltamethrin 1% EC

Features :- Shakaal is a , fast acting insecticide effective by contact, stomach and ingestion against a wide range of pests. It is a broad spectrum contact insecticide which is used for cotton, timber, cereals, oilseeds, top fruits, Vegetables, Tea, Oilseeds and other crops for Pink Bollworms, American bollworm, spotted bollworm. And sucking insects, thrips, catterpillers, leaf rollers, hoppers, white flies. It is to be used in accordance with climatic condion and approval of local authorties.

Packing :- 1 Ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100ml, 50ml

FORCE ( Acephate 75% SP )


Technical Name – Acephate 75% SP

Features :- Force is used for beans, Brussels sprouts, coton, cranberries, head lettuce, peanuts and tobacco. This product can be used to control many kinds of pests such as leafhoppers, sharp shooters, rice leafroilers, diamond back moth, aphids, red spiders etc on cereal, oil-bearing plant, fruits, vegetable.

Packing :- 1 Kg, 500gm, 250gm

JRPL KRANTI ( Triazophos 40% EC )


Technical Name – TRIAZOPHOS 40% EC

JRPL Kranti is a broad spectrum contact insecticide control boll worms, sucking insects, cotton, tea, oilseeds itc.

Features :-JRPL Kranti is a broad spectrum insecticide/acaricide with contact and stomach action. It is Nonsystemics, but penetrates deeply into plant tissue. It controls Aphids, thrips, midges, beetles, larvaes, cutworms, and other soil insects, spidermites, other types of midges, beetles, larvaes, cutworms, and other soil insects, spidermites, other types of mites, etc in ornamentals, vegetables, vines, bannas, strawberrice, oil seeds, careal, sugarbeets, sugarcanes, maize, soyabeens, coffee, grasslands. It is to be used in accordance with climatic condition and approval of local authorities.

Packing :- 5ltr, 1 Ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml